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Get Math and the world is yours!

Our Mission

The mission of the Math4Flint numeracy initiative is to provide programs for the residents of Flint and Genesee County that improve the numeracy skills needed for success in algebra, trigonometry, trade schools and college.

Our 1st Initiative:

The COVID-19 Math Skills
Recovery Program
Our Goal: To provide
citywide access to the
online skill building
software; Number DNA™.

Once enrolled, students can access the software and their personalized progress page and practice wherever the internet is available; at school in the library, while attending after school programs, on any device including their smart phones and tablets.

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Progress to date 2/3/2023
Programs with students using the Number DNA Skill building software.
1.   Flint GearUp2Lead Academy
2.   Holmes STEM Middle School Academy
3.   Youth Quest: 3 after school pilots starting February 2022
4.   Literacy and Math Lab at the Flint Development Center
5.   LatinX Technology and Community Center 
6.   Sylvester Broome Empowerment Village
7.   The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Flint
8.   International Academy of Flint (over 100 students and growing)
9.   Madison Academy (over 90 students)
10. Northridge Academy (over 200 students)
     with more to follow!

Contact Math4Flint

4121 Martin Luther King Avenue


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That's the number of math problems completed by 628 Flint area students students over the last 14 months! Awesome!!

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