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Everything You Need to Know About PSPo2I English Patch

My point is this, Sega of America doesnt know what theyre doing, that company is pretty incompetent and as far as I know, Sega of Japan hasnt officially said, I have plans for other language versions of Phantasy Star Online, they arent really planning on releasing it outside of Japan, so if there was interest, Sega of Japan would have to approve it. So really, there is no reason to be releasing an English version of PSP2 Infinity, itll just create a lot of hype and a lot of nothing when itll inevitably be hacked and cheats released.

HOT! phantasy star portable 2 infinity english patch

I know a lot of people are going to argue, that the West isnt the place for Phantasy Star Online. We have enough of our own douchebags to put up with when it comes to Sega games, so it wouldnt really be the way to go on this one. There are other games out there to play online and local, and if Sega of America fails, then they can always release on a new system later. A lot of people like me wouldnt invest in a new gaming system so they could wait for a west release. This is basically my way of showing support to the company I love, its what us fans do.

The game would have been better translated and the game would have a stronger community if it had been released on a western console. It would have a much larger install base and the game is known a lot better than it is now. Because I play all the games on PC and never really play on a console, the only console I own are the Playstation, Nintendo and Nintendo 64. Phantasy Star 2 won me over on my original console and was the first game that sold me on buying a Playstation. I would have liked to have bought it on a western console because it is such a great game. Now that it is on PC its a great game but its just not the same as it would have been in English.

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