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Oliver Walker
Oliver Walker

Buy Needlepoint Canvas

Novelty threads add sparkle and dimension to your needlepoint canvas and they come in an assortment of textures and finishes: metallic, silky, fuzzy, velvety, prickly, sparkly, shiny, matte, etc. Each novelty thread has its own unique properties that require special handling in stitching. Rainbow Gallery and Kreinik threads are my favorites for adding bling and pizzazz to my needlepoint.

buy needlepoint canvas

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As a writer and a needlepoint stitcher, I am impressed by the care you take (and the time it takes you to write these posts) in order to communicate so clearly about this area of your expertise. I appreciate and benefit from every post I have read. Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge, sharing information and your passion for all things needlepoint.

Thank you for this information. I am 70 years old. I spent 2 years with no memory and have had 1 year with my memory back. My liver was 100% dead. When that happens it draws on your kidneys and mine were 80% gone. God made a miracle for me. Today I am doing so good. I am alive and feel great. I have done needlework before and have always enjoyed it. So I have ordered a piece from Herrschners, Guardian Angel, in needlepoint, first time ever in needlepoint I will need to order the thread myself. I found you online and I love how you explain everything. Thank you !

This was extremely helpful and easy to understand as a new stitcher! My first canvas came with threads and I just got a couple canvases that did not come with anything. I have been going crazy trying to figure out what to do! They are all different mesh size also. So thankful to have found this post! Do you have any recommendations for a frame or stretcher bars? The canvases are not finished around the edges at all. Thanks!

Your website is wonderful! I have learned so much!Which white fibers are better for stitching the top of a #18 canvas Christmas stocking where a name is added? Would you recommend combining fibers such as Whisper and #16DMC to give a touch of furry effect?

Each canvas is hand-painted and designed with love and care. That is because canvases are more than just cotton and fibers. They're bonding experiences, memories, traditions to share with family and so much more. We try our hardest to ensure that the highest quality fibers, paints, and packaging are used for every single order. We hope that you enjoy our canvases as much we do.

View our list of the Pippin Studios needlepoint retailers in over 40 states in the USA and even Canada, too. Visit a needlepoint shop nearby to purchase your favourite Pippin canvas and to pick out the fibres to stitch them with. The fabulous people at these shops are full of ideas and support! 041b061a72


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