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Alleluia Jake Runestad Pdf Download

Alleluia Jake Runestad Pdf Download

Are you looking for a choral piece that celebrates joy and praise with rhythmic vitality and harmonic richness? If so, you might want to check out Alleluia by Jake Runestad, a contemporary American composer who is noted for his versatility and wide range of expressive capabilities. In this article, we will introduce you to this work and show you how you can download the PDF score for your choir.


What is Alleluia by Jake Runestad?

Alleluia is a choral piece for SATB choir with divisi, unaccompanied. It was commissioned by Brady Allred and the Salt Lake Choral Artists / Salt Lake Vocal Artists for their performance at the 2014 ACDA Western Division Conference in Santa Barbara, CA. The piece is about 3 minutes long and has a difficulty level of medium to advanced.

The piece begins with a rhythmic declaration of joy and builds intensity through metric changes, tonal shifts, glissandi, and hand clapping. The lively exultation soon gives way to a reverent meditation with soaring melodic lines and lush harmonies. The dancing rhythms from the beginning return with a gradual build in intensity as one's praises rise to the sky.

The composer, Jake Runestad, explains the inspiration behind the piece: "Through history, the singing of 'alleluia' has served as an outward celebration as well as an introspective expression of praise. I wanted to capture both aspects of this word in my piece by creating contrasting sections that explore different moods and textures."

How can I download the PDF score of Alleluia by Jake Runestad?

If you are interested in performing this piece with your choir, you can purchase the PDF score from the composer's website [here]. The price is $2.25 per copy and you can pay with PayPal or credit card. You will receive an email with a link to download the score after your payment is processed. Note that this is a digital score and you will need to print it yourself or use a tablet for reading.

You can also view a perusal score [here] to get a glimpse of the music before you buy it. You can also listen to a recording of the piece performed by the Salt Lake Vocal Artists [here] to get an idea of how it sounds.

Why should I sing Alleluia by Jake Runestad?

Alleluia by Jake Runestad is a piece that will challenge and inspire your choir with its rhythmic energy and harmonic beauty. It is a piece that will express your joy and gratitude for life and music. It is a piece that will make your audience clap along and feel uplifted. It is a piece that will make you say "alleluia"!


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