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CS-2200 Icom IC-2200H Programming Software Setup Free !FREE!

A good option for VHF radios like the Kenwood KSE-AX1 is to just get the Kenwood IC-7800 series programmer for $8 (which you can then reuse for any other Kenwood style radios), but if you plan on getting the new higher end Chinese radios, youll need to consider getting either a custom cable or either the RT Systems brand cable. The RT Systems brand cable is custom made and will cost around $15, so thats $23 more, but it will be included in the software (which you could get for free if you already purchased the RT Systems software). The new cable to my knowledge are only available directly from RT Systems. Either way, the problem is simple for most VHF style radios. The 2-Pin plug for programming is located in the bottom left corner of the body of most radios and it is usually marked as one of the small tabs on the body. Most radios just require one 2-Pin plug to program, but others will require two 2-Pin plugs if you forget a second plug. In other words, the cheap-o option is to just get one 2-Pin plug, but the higher end models will need the proper kit, which usually includes both a proper 2-Pin plug and an extra program cable to reach the radios 2-Pin plug from the radio itself.

CS-2200 Icom IC-2200H Programming Software Setup Free

Also, here is a great article from Barry from the Icom USA forum about the differences between the newer Wouxuns and older Wouxuns, as well as the differences between older Chinese style radios and newer Chinese style radios in regards to programming.

The RT Systems software works with the RT Systems IC-7800 cable program, but also works with ANY Kenwood style 2-Pin plug cable. If you want to use the cable that comes in the Wouxun KG-UV9D package for the Icom ID-5100, you would need to get the RT Systems cable for the IC-7800 Kenwood kit for $25 ($15, at least where I live, for the cable and programming software). The RT Systems cable is included in the Wouxun KG-UV9D package, but there is no need to pay $15 to get it since the Wouxun KG-UV9D has the RT Systems cable built right into it (even though the box is labeled as "compatibility" or "Y-Cable").


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