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La Jaula Roberto Ramos Melendez Pdf Downloadgolkes

La jaula by Roberto Ramos Meléndez: A Review

La jaula (The Cage) is a novel by Puerto Rican writer Roberto Ramos Meléndez, first published in 1987. It tells the story of Sergio, a fifth-grade boy who lives in a poor neighborhood and faces various challenges at home and at school. One day, he finds a cage with a stuffed bird inside in a garbage dump. The sight of the bird trapped in the cage makes him think about the meaning of freedom, kindness and human condition. He also goes through a series of experiences that mark and change his life, such as meeting a girl named Marisol, witnessing a violent crime, and discovering his artistic talent.

la jaula roberto ramos melendez pdf downloadgolkes

The novel is written in a simple and direct language, with short chapters and dialogues that capture the voice and perspective of the young protagonist. The author uses symbolism, humor and realism to portray the social and economic realities of Puerto Rico in the 1980s, as well as the hopes and dreams of its people. The novel also explores themes such as identity, family, friendship, love, justice, education and creativity.

About the Author

Roberto Ramos Meléndez was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1958. He is a novelist, poet, playwright, journalist and professor. He has published several books of fiction and poetry, such as El hombre que se parecía a John Lennon (The Man Who Looked Like John Lennon), El último tren (The Last Train), La noche de los fantasmas (The Night of the Ghosts) and El país de las maravillas (The Wonderland). He has also written plays for theater and radio, such as La noche de los asesinos (The Night of the Assassins), El gran circo eucraniano (The Great Eucranian Circus) and La fiesta de cumpleaños (The Birthday Party). He has won several literary awards, such as the Premio Nacional de Novela del Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña (National Novel Prize of the Puerto Rican Culture Institute) and the Premio Nacional de Literatura del PEN Club de Puerto Rico (National Literature Prize of the PEN Club of Puerto Rico). He is currently a professor of Spanish and literature at the University of Puerto Rico.

Where to Find the Book

If you are interested in reading La jaula by Roberto Ramos Meléndez, you can find it in some online platforms or libraries. Here are some links where you can access more information about the book:

  • : You can read a preview of the book and see some reviews.

  • : You can borrow the book for free if you have an account.

  • : You can see the ratings and reviews from other readers.

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