Math4Flint: Who Benefits?

Who will benefit from a Math4Flint numeracy initiative? My answer? Everyone.

- Students and adults hoping to improve their job prospects

- Those aspiring to go into the trades or other technical training programs

- Schools and their academic reputations would benefit from a robust numeracy initiative.

- Jobs will come to Flint and Genesee Co. when more residents have marketable math/job


- Every business in Flint will benefit when residents have access to higher paying jobs.

- Real Estate values will rise when Flint and Genesee Co. develop a reputation as a STEM

education mecca. “Build it and they will come!”

My name is Dan, and I am the person with the plan to make this happen.

My goal is to get the ball rolling in Flint area schools this coming school year.

Goal #1: Establish a math foundation baseline for each participant and then get to work

building solid math skills.

Stay tuned! Much more to come and please share your thoughts and ideas!

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