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Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier - APK and OBB File Size, Features, and Release Date

In FINAL FANTASY VII, you will admire and immerse yourself in a 3D game scene full of fantasy and shimmer. Combined with the surrounding interface, they are described in detail, and realistically, it has created a good impression in the hearts of players. Besides, a cast of characters is also meticulously and skillfully built. Each hero will have a unique face to make it easy for players to distinguish. Moreover, their shapes and personalities are also very diverse, giving players many choices.

final fantasy 7 apk obb

  • The events of Final Fantasy VII unfold in a fictional universe, made in a sci-fi environment with fantasy elements, while the technical development is approximately on a par with our real world. At the center of the story is the mercenary Cloud Strife, who will play a decisive role in saving humanity.Final Fantasy VII highlights include:great detailed story;

  • charismatic and well-written characters;

  • wonderful soundtrack;

  • exciting gameplay.


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